Privacy Notice

This is not your usual Privacy Notice, this is a SPOC Privacy Notice and this is what defines this site and our entire product range



SPOC is all about privacy by design therefore, this is one of the shortest privacy policy you will ever find. When using our website, you do not need to consent to anything as we do not collect or use any of your information.

Information we collect

We do not collect anything from you on this website. If you use our contact form, we will ask you for an email address but only so we can respond back to you. We will not store or share that email with anyone else.

How we use your information

Simple, we don't!

Log Files and Cookies

We do not log your history or store any cookies nor do we use Google analytics or any other tracking systems.

GDPR & CCPA Privacy Policy

We do not fall under those regulations since we do not collect or store anyting about you.


We told you it was one of the shortest privacy policy...