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Single Point Of Contact

Enabling Data As a Service for Businesses and Individuals


What is SPOC?

The simplest way to describe SPOC is to compare it to the music & movie on-demand services with personal data.

Not too long ago, we bought or rented new/used CD's and DVD's to listen, watch, record & store (sometimes without permission), our favorite music and movies. But today, these once technological advancements, have been replaced by digital & streaming subscription services such as Netflix, Amazon Prime, Apple TV & Music, making our damaged CD and DVD collection obsolete.

The above analogy is similar to how we consume personal data today. We collect, store, and in some cases share damaged or irrelevant data without permission.

Enter SPOC, our revolutionary & new Single Point Of Contact privacy system that enables Data as a Service and creates a balance between existing business CRM and how individuals control & manage their data.

Who is it for?

SPOC is one of the very few privacy systems that focuses on benefiting both businesses and individuals.

You see, the problem with privacy and data protection is a balancing act. On one side, lots of systems want to give privacy and control back to people but this generally affect businesses. On another side, there are systems that bring a lot of benefits to businesses but those generally neglect a lot of user's privacy.

SPOC caters for both bringing in a new way to mutally benefit each others.


SPOC is truly revolutionary for most businesses, it is not there to replace your existing CRM but enhance it beyond anything you could have thought possible. If your business falls into one or more of those categories, then SPOC is for you

  • Need to comply with Privacy Laws (GDPR, CCPA, LGPD...)
  • Regularly have to clean your in-house data
  • I'm collecting user's data online
  • I need to have verified users for compliance purposes.
  • My business would like to collect data but does not have a CRM


SPOC has been designed for individuals. It is trustless, decentralized and non-custodial. As an individual, you always remain in control of your personal data, who you share it with, what you are sharing and how long for.

  • Trustless : SPOC does not store or access your data
  • There is no central SPOC database with everyone data in it!
  • Who else is best to manage your data then yourself?
  • Remain anonymous while being connected to businesses
  • Get rewarded for your data if you want to.

SPOC App - For Individuals

A jewel of engineering that took 5 years to build!

The reason why SPOC is so different is because WE DO NOT STORE YOUR DATA. That's right, your personal data is your property and you should be the sole custodian of it.

Sounds good in theory yes but how do I share this data with businesses that I am connected with and need some of my data then?

The power of blockchain (web3) has allowed us to build a solution that would not have been possible before. We call it the 'SPOC Permission Library'. In brief, everybody using the SPOC platform is known by their unique SPOC (Single Point of Contact) username. From your App, you manage your data, your profile, your connections, your marketing preferences and your rewards.

You can choose to be 'connected' with businesses only (without sharing any data) or you can share as much data as you want and even be rewarded for it. The process of sharing your personal data is an audited process that guarantee security while remaining in control at all times.

• With SPOC you remain in control at all times on what data you share, who you share it with and how long for

• With SPOC you can connect easily to businesses and other people, yet remain entirely anonymous

• SPOC allows you to update every contacts automatically when you change phone number, address, name...

• SPOC gives you an option to receive marketing campaigns offers from businesses some rewarding you for your data

• The SPOC Shield email provide you a protected email address against all spam and unwanted messages

So why is SPOC that different to the other CRMs and Data Privacy platform then?

• There is no central database where your personal data is stored waiting to be hacked or data leaked from

• SPOC is built on web3 technology which means only the recipient of the data is able to see it providing you are still sharing it

• Data is permanently and irreversibly deleted when no longer shared

• Datapoints are uniquely encrypted with three keys. No two datapoints are ever encrypted the same.

Steve Jobs once said in no uncertain terms: “Privacy means people know what they’re signing up for, in plain language, and repeatedly. I believe people are smart. Some people want to share more than other people do. Ask them and if you are unsure, ask them again.” That is the core philosophy of the SPOC. Your data is yours and who is best to manage it other than you?

AKA Business Portal

The first Business CRM in the world that provide data as a service!

The majority of businesses use a CRM (Customer Relationship Manager) but those requires you to acquire contacts, record them in your CRM, comply with privacy laws as you doing so and then, you need to maintain that data (clean it) and you need to carefully manage access to prevent data breaches.

If you are a business acquiring customers with subscriptions, you are likely collecting rubbish data as over 65% of online users do not provide real data about themselves.

Do we really think this is a suitable process in a future where personal data is so valuable yet need to be protected?

• With SPOC you can connect directly to your customers and yet they can remain anonymous

• If you need personal data from your customers, SPOC allows you to request it from the owner

• SPOC make your business privacy laws compliant as it is the owner of the data that grant access, maintain their data and withdraw consent as needed.

• SPOC is real-time, the data available to you is always the latest as updated by the data owner.

• SPOC does not replace your existing CRM, it complement it by integrating with it and enhancing it

• With SPOC, you can have access to verified profile for compliance purposes

• With SPOC, you can connect to existing and new customers with a simple QR code including data requests

• With SPOC, you can run marketing campaigns directly to SPOC users who want to hear from you and even reward the to connect

• And if you are a small or medium business that traditional CRMs don't work for, SPOC is for you...'

SPOC Username

What is a SPOC Username?

Every business and every individual using the SPOC platform are known by a unique SPOC username (Single Point of Contact). That username is identified by the trademarked handle ^ symbol. This simply means that if you see a word or a name preceded by the ^ symbol, it is a SPOC username.

It might be your company name, your stage name, your nickname, or just a random selection of letters or numbers. The one thing that is definite, is there is only one unique SPOC of each.

Your SPOC is what identify you to your connections. This is the ONLY name that your connections need to know to connect with you or for you to connect with them.

We will soon open the SPOC Marketplace where you will be able to reserve and create your own SPOC.