AKA Private Blockchain

Let us explain why we decided to deploy our own private chain


The main two reasons blockchain is unfriendly to global adoption

The mission of AKA Exchange is to be a global leader of providing fully secure data management and data transactions in very much the same way that trillion of dollars of financial transactions are made across the globe.

In order to pay users their rewards and allow businesses to accept payments from users in return of data sharing, we needed to make sure the process of rewarding, sending, receiving, buying and staking your AKA tokens was smooth and easy to use. Additionally, we had to tackle the ridicoulous gas fees that most networks are known for.

Kaleido Enterprise Blockchain

Kaleido’s award winning permissioned blockchain platform combines security, global reach and cloud scale of an enterprise-grade solution.

Kaleido is already helping some of the largest organizations around the world to modernize their business networks with blockchain.

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Initially, it was but remember, the AKA Blockchain does not store any personal data, it is only a permission sharing system. Having said that, the entire purpose of using a blockchain based solution was to have a decentralised ledger of all transactions taking place on AKA.

However, we never intended the AKA Exchange to remain private, this is why we have launched our Node Partner Program that allows individuals and businesses completely independent from AKA Exchange to run their own AKA Exchange Nodes. If you are interested to run an AKA Exchange Node, read more and contact us here