What's SPOC?

SPOC is the one unique word Single Point Of Contact that connects you by email, telephone, IM, social media and location. It sits above all the endpoints you often create and update to keep you in control of who contacts you and where.

You can also have emergency contacts, IMEI numbers or as many endpoints as you wish. All under one word signed with the ^ symbol. Choose your SPOC and simply update your profile whenever you have a new contact point.

SPOC feeds your handset address book so wherever you see a friend listed with the ^ symbol you know their information is up to date.

Your SPOC can be anything you wish, it's unique just like you.

What's the ^ symbol?

The ^ symbol is the trademarked signature for SPOC. Use this symbol before your SPOC when you sign emails or messages - this will connect friends to your latest email, cell number, IM profile or physical location if you wish.

Arrange deliveries by giving your one word address. Add postal addresses and activate your tracked location to make sure the things you need find you, fast.

By example, all contact points for the SPOC service are at ^support and all publicity related matters are at ^press.